Coaching Packages

Health Coaching Packages

Executive Health Coaching

This EXECUTIVE .HEALTH COACHING PROGRAM focuses on the unique needs of today's leaders, using proven, targeted, evidence-based strategies that will help you initiate the CHANGE that will bring to to where you want to be!

The program gains momentum over time, and focuses on habit formation and specific lifestyle changes that help you reach your potential. The goal is PERMANENT CHANGE!

  • 72 day program
  • Private 45-min. session - 1 x week
  • UNLIMITED e-mail messaging
  • DAILY text message reminders
  • Online, PERSONALIZED fitness program
  • Customized GOAL TRACKING app. included
Small Group Coaching

SMALL GROUP coaching is my most popular program! The approach is similar to my private coaching, but it's delivered in a small-group VIRTUAL setting.

Small groups offer many benefits such as peer support, group accountability, higher sustained motivation, and more!


  • 9 week program
  • Small Group session - 1 x week
  • ONE-TO-ONE session - 1 x month
  • UNLIMITED e-mail messaging
  • DAILY text message reminders
  • Fitness program (Individualized plan available)
  • Customized GOAL TRACKING App. included
Digital Coaching

DIGITAL Coaching is a new and exciting form of health coaching that addresses the needs of our fast-paced, modern society! It is delivered to you in a digital format, mainly email, text messaging, or in-app chat.

Included with this innovative coaching program is a monthly PRIVATE coaching call to keep you on track with your newly established goals!

  •  9 week program
  • MONTHLY  private coaching call
  • UNLIMITED e-mail support
  • DAILY text messaging
  • Fitness program (Individualized plan is an upgrade)
  • Customized GOAL TRACKING App. included


Private FB Page

Peer support ha been proven to be a powerful, effective way to help you efficiently reach your goals. EVERY coaching package includes  membership in my exclusive, private FB group where you can communicate and interact with other "Sugar Burners". There will also be weekly webinar recordings posted here to further help you in your T2 reversal journey.

Fitness Programs

In addition to being a Health & Wellness Coach, I've been a certified personal trainer for over 35 years!  I leverage that experience by offering my clients a complete fitness solution that includes exercise routines, video demos and more, all accessible via a free online app, in addition to the Apple Watch! There are different levels available, depending on your coaching package.

UNLIMITED E-mail/Texts

All 3 services include UNLIMITED e-mail support and DAILY text messages. Both of these reinforce my coaching methodology and are important components of the goal setting process.