Avoiding the DARK SIDE of Type 2 Diabetes!

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Type 2 diabetes is a PROGRESSIVE disease that slowly affects almost EVERY part of your body. The question is - DOES IT HAVE TO BE?

I was diagnosed with T2 in 1988. It's exactly 30 years that I've been in this "fight" and I've learned some cold, hard lessons:

  1. T2 is a relatively SILENT disease in the early stages of the disease.
  2. Once it takes hold of you, there are MULTIPLE areas of your body that will be affected.
  3. DIET has the BIGGEST IMPACT on the disease

#3 seems to be a "no-brainer" right? Well, it's the ONE area that we fall short in. Diabetes is a METABOLIC DISEASE and WHAT, HOW, and WHEN we eat determines whether it progresses to the point of no return or not. BOTTOM LINE!

I follow and read many posts in various type 2 diabetes support groups on Facebook. I've been doing this for about a year now and early on I saw a pattern:

CONSISTENCY in eating right is the BIGGEST problem for most that are struggling to manage their condition!

I have a saying: KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT ACTION IS A WASTE OF TIME! You see, knowledge about proper nutrition to successfully manage your T2, in so many cases, is NOT the issue. It's APPLYING that knowledge that's the problem. Applying the knowledge is actually part of the issue. It's CONSISTENTLY APPLYING that knowledge, putting it into ACTION, day in and day out, is the issue!

Why is staying consistent in your diet so difficult? This is a question that pertains to almost anyone trying to either lose weight, address a condition like type 3 diabetes, or both. But the solution may be simpler than you think.

After years of struggling with the complications of T2, I FINALLY was able to reverse it.
So have many others. HOW? It actually involves taking an approach that gets to the "core" of what type 2 diabetes is:

Diabetes is a problem with your body that causes blood glucose (sugar) levels to rise higher than normal.

Your probably saying - "No Kidding Tony!" Let's go a bit deeper -

If you are type 2, the FOODS YOU EAT contribute the most to this scenario, right? Then the obvious solution is to limit or avoid those foods that cause this rise in glucose!

Not "earth-shattering info, correct? I'm all about SIMPLICITY! Nothing changed for me until I stopped making things harder for myself and got down to the basics. The BA"SIC, SIMPLE approach that will address the above situation goes like this:


You need to go on a "mission" like you never done before to find out how what you eat affects YOU! What can you do starting TODAY?

EAT TO YOUR METER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This BASIC, FUNDAMENTAL strategy is your SECRET WEAPON in your fight to manage or reverse your diabetes! It's how you'll know WHAT you can eat. It's how you know the AMOUNT of what you can eat. It's how you'll know WHEN to eat. What's the "plan of action"?

For 14-days, check your BS level before, then 2 hours after you eat a meal. LOG EVERYTHING! If whatever you ate keeps your BS elevated 2 hours after, its either a food you need to avoid OR eat less of. What's elevated? A reading above 130 mg/dl is what I consider too high.

I suggest you keep a log of the foods you need to eat in the following 3 categories -

  • Foods COMPLETELY avoid
  • Foods to eat OCCASIONALLY
  • Foods you CAN eat

14 days is a good length that will give you an idea of where you are at. Some things to remember:

  • Protein and fat SLOW DOWN the absorption of carbs so try to always have some when you have carbs. For example, I know that I can have a slice of multi-grain toast with almond butter since the combo of the bread AND almond butter is absorbed slower during the digestion process, minimizing a BS spike. How do I know this? I EAT TO MY METER!

Follow these simple guidelines  and do it CONSISTENTLY. That's the key here. It's not something you need to do for an extended period of time because once you know how your body responds, you know! In this case - KNOWLEDGE is truly POWER!

Until til next time,

Stay well, & stay focused!
Tony Rodriguez. - Your Diabetes Coach

Tony is an award-winning personal trainer and health coach that knows 1st hand how type 2 diabetes affects us. From 2008 - 2014, he experienced temporary BLINDNESS, diabetes-related HEART DISEASE, which included the implant of FIVE STENTS, foot NUEROPATHY PAIN, and other complications. The good news - HE SUCCESSFULLY REVERSED HIS DIABETES and is now committed to helping others do the same through his innovative coaching programs and online course called SUGAR BURN!




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